Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce needless suffering caused by sleep problems & improve the health outcomes for children with (and without) neurodevelopmental conditions and sleep problems. We aim to do this through close collaboration and bi-directional communication with parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Our History

Children's Sleep Network was founded in October of 2012 at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Exploratory Workshop at the University of British Columbia. Local, national & international researchers were invited to establish a theoretical framework for recognizing sleep problems in clinical practice, collaboratively identifying and defining research needs, and developing an approach to guarantee a sustainable research environment.

At this workshop, the lack of a collaborative sleep/wake-behaviour-focused network was recognized and Children's Sleep Network was born.

The Wall Papers by Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies - "Sleep Disorders in Children often Undetected in Canada"

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies - Exploratory Workshops

Vancouver Sun - "Disorders can lead to sleepless nights"

Children's Sleep Network Timeline coming soon...