Prepare For Your Child's Next Sleep Assessment or Doctor's and/or Health Care Professional Visit

The following tools have been created to help Parents and Caregivers as they plan for their child's next physician visit. We know that a doctor's visit can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming, not only for children but also their Parents and Caregivers, so we have created these universal step-by-step tools to use in preparation for their child's sleep assessment with a physician and/or health care professional (e.g., nurse, psychologist, occupational therapist). Our goal is to provide clarity and ease-of-use, to help you through your first sleep (and wake behaviour) assessment!

1. Pre-Assessment Package for Parents/Caregivers

The purpose of a pre-assessment is to provide your physician with an overview of the main sleep/wake-problems and concerns of your child and your family, and allow you as the parent/caregiver to formulate your thoughts in your own words. After setting up an appointment with your physician, download the following forms, fill them out prior to your assessment, and give them to your physician and/or health care professional when you arrive for your appointment. You can download and click on the electronic forms below to fill them out before printing, or you can print them out immediately to use as a paper copy.

2. Follow-Up Package for Parents/Caregivers

After your assessment with a physician, the following forms should be discussed and filled out based on the results of the discussion with the assessing health care professional to gather additional supportive information to close the missing gaps in our understanding.


Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS)



For further follow-up materials to keep track of relevant and important sleep/wake-problem information after a patient's visit with a healthcare professional, please see our Further Documentation page.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our assessment tools, we welcome you to contact us directly through our contact page.